Indonesia's 1st Finland-Asia Entrepreneurial Preschool 

Why Now?

Children’s learning in their early years is the foundation that stretches beyond academic success and into their capacity to contribute in their community, workplace, and society. Neuroscience shows that early childhood is the most critical stage of human development. It is important to provide the best possible education in early childhood, when a child’s rate of learning and development is at its highest. Similar efforts will not be as effective at later stages of development.

We can develop children’s abilities and empower them to create innovative solutions to relevant problems. Entrepreneurial education provides children a safe space to experiment, fail, and then try again. Additionally, it supports all developmental areas, having a positive impact on a child’s self sufficiency, creativity, empathy, rational thinking, and entrepreneurship skills.

What matters in life should matter in education.

Introducing a one-of-a-kind curriculum, bridging the mind of the west and the heart of the east. Our curriculum is developed by Finnish pedagogy experts and the minds behind the award-winning ACE EdVenture programme from Malaysia.

Finland’s methods are recognised as the best all over the world, using fun and holistic approaches to otherwise serious subjects. Despite having less of an emphasis on academic results than Asian counterparts, Finnish students are ranked among the top countries in the world in standardized tests, and are much happier, studies show. We are the first in Indonesia to incorporate Finnish core pedagogy.


ACE EdVenture is found in two international schools, Sri Emas International School, and Dwi Emas International School (Malaysia’s first ever entrepreneurial school), to date. ACE EdVenture has 25 years of unleashing students’ personal greatness to succeed in the real world. Their expertise lies in unconventional approaches to learning that prioritises fun, engagement, and relevance, while retaining Asian culture and values.

Entrepreneurship extends beyond the notion of starting businesses - it’s a skillset and a mindset.


That’s why we have created an innovative and fun entrepreneurship programme — the perfect vehicle to help our students develop the right mindset and ‘heartset’, no matter what they choose to become. 

What is Entrepreneurial Education?

Experiential Learning

Children learn best through play and exploration. On top of learning, they apply knowledge through practical means. We encourage their natural learning style by supporting curiosity and experimentation.


We call this Structured Play. Children observe, try things, and adjust their behavior accordingly. Combined with a stimulating environment and teachers who facilitate their journey, our students will learn effectively.

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The Kensington Royal Suite,

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Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara